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Meet General Contractor Ed Schoen of Home Helper Ed. Lic #962536

   All the way from the Midwest Show Me state of Missouri, and from the great St. Louis neighborhood of Carondelet. Ed arrived in the Los Angeles area in 2006 with all his acquired Home Renovation experience and skills accumulated since 1986. On arrival he started his company Home Helper Ed to share his inherited integrity, honesty, and acquired expertise to help Homeowners across Southern California to get that quality job they deserve without breaking the bank.

    Ed has 30+yrs of hands-on experience in the field of structural framing, planning, project manager, consulting, designing, permitting, home examinations, diagnosing problems, producing detailed work orders, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, flooring, tile, concrete, & much more. As a General Contractor with extensive experience in many fields and advocating for the Homeowner to get the best job for the best price, its nearly impossible for a new hire or subcontractor to gouge or charge an outrageous price. BEFORE YOU HIRE AN ARCHITECT, CONSIDER A FREE CONSULTATION WITH GC ED SCHOEN, IT COULD SAVE YOU THOUSANDS.


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Residential General Contracting

Professional Personal Attention

Home Helper Ed prides itself to take on only the projects it can maintain the quality control it's known for and has built over the years. While we may not be  available to contract your next home Improvement project this time, we are always available to provide services to help get you the Homeowner started on the right foot, and also help anywhere along the way as needed or desired.

Kitchen Design & Remodel

Proper planning is essential

Having a GC that Designs can make the process of the remodel a less overwhelming experience.

Bathroom Design & Remodel

Know your finishes before bringing in a Contractor

Home Helper Ed can help kickstart your project before signing up a Contractor

Phone Support 24/7

Only the Best

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Home Helper Ed offers a variety of services

Plan before the Plan

Find the plan that fits your budget

Planning a cost efficient home renovation requires knowing the projected cost in advance of hiring a Designer or Architect. Consulting an experienced General Contractor first can save thousands of dollars by reducing Revisions and Change Orders all while putting the Homeowner on the right path from the start. Less hassle, less time, and a better experience.


Home Examination

It's a Health Check Up for your Home

While most Homes get inspected before being purchased to expose all the flaws, years can go by before their ever looked at again. Home Helper Ed's Home Examination is not your typical inspection for a new Home purchase. Instead, it focuses on finding hidden issues years after ownership and before they cause extensive damage. In addition, the examination will look for safety issues, suggested maintenance plan, and energy saving idea's.

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Contractor Design Consultation

Prevent costly floorplan design

It's all about the footprint, exploring all the options from an experienced General Contractor's point of view before deciding the final plan can make for a pleasant renovation experience.

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Home: Features

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