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Planning a New Home Renovation? STOP RIGHT THERE!!! Please Don't Hire that Architect Yet.

I've been renovating, #remodeling, & repairing homes for over 30 yrs now and have been a General Contractor here in #California for over 11 of those yrs. My company is Home Helper Ed. I can't tell you how many times I get the plans from a potential customer for a new #HomeRemodeling project and some of the details on the plans have unnecessary obstacles, impractical poor design, or worse, sometimes impossible to even do at all. It can be a big financial surprise to a #HomeOwner, but it's very common in this world of construction. Why? Well before getting into the why, lets talk about the consequences. That's very simple, changes and unknown discoveries leads to Architectural Revisions and expensive change orders from the Contractor that can decimate a budget. Maybe that's the why, money? Architects get paid for revisions and some Contractors rely on change orders to increase profits or pull them out of a hole, change orders can put them in a power position, you can fire them if you feel taken advantage of, but that could be another issue altogether that is not ideal. The real question is can these revisions and hidden discoveries be prevented or avoided in advance? The short answer is mostly yes, but it's not 100% guaranteed by no means. But if the work is done, if there is a proper examination of the work site by an experienced General Contractor and he or she works along side the architect to produce the best path forward they can and should be able to foresee most of if not all of the potential road blocks ahead. I'm not knocking Architects or Designers, but they are not programed to look out for your budget, Contractors probably not so much as well. The only way a contractor can help direct a budget and prevent costly revisions is by getting involved before the plans are started. It's the plan before the plan I call it, but having access to a Contractor willing to get involved in the early planning stages is not so common without a contract to do all the work and that could be a conflict of interest. That's where I come in, not all Homeowners may need or want a Home Improvement Expert looking out or advocating for them, but if you do, I might be that person. I know the ropes from beginning to end. I could be there just to start you on the right foot, or I could help all along the way as the Homeowner needs it. Hiring and dealing with the day to day decision making can be very overwhelming and stressful, having an experienced pro by your side helping where needed can relieve that stress and make for a smoother ride to complete that next renovation project. You don't have to go in alone. Please visit my website and leave me a note at

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