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Pros & Pros of hiring a licensed General contractor lic #962536

Where do I start! How about some simple scattered phrases or paragraphs in no particular order that might help a homeowner make good choices before and during their next home improvement project. -Always check your state license board to verify legality and licensing of the company your considering on hiring. in California it’s the CSLB -There is no good reason to hire a non licensed Contractor or a handyman without a business license. Holding a non licensed contractor or handyman accountable for damages or bad work is nearly impossible. And technically a non licensed business could be considered an employee and might put you on the hook for workman comp. It‘s rare, but possible. -A licensed contractor knows the risk of demolition inside and outside of home that could protect the vulnerable from lead & asbestos.

-Most importantly, a licensed General contractor knows the safety codes for structural, plumbing, electrical, gas, and ventilation. So often when doing renovations for customers I find unsafe practices and water leaks that are hidden from sight. Even the tiniest leak can attract rodents and termites.

-Even if you just have a plumbing, HVAC, or plumbing issue you might consider a General contractor first as most specialty contractors don’t complete the job in full due to other repairs or 2 or more skilled professions that are required in the process. For example, a plumber will install everything needed for a tankless water heater except the Electrical. Plus, a trusted General contractor can keep prices in line with the going market rate. THE OVERALL MESSAGE IS TO START WITH A LICENSED GENERAL CONTRACTOR BEFORE COMMITTING TO ANY FUTURE PROJECT.

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